Supreme Group Companies

Supreme Distributors , Distributors of Medical Consumables catering to Hospitals,Nursing Homes and other Distributors across the state of Karnataka, India.

Supreme Health care (B) Pvt. Ltd., Consignee Agents, Distributors catering to Large Medical Institutions, participating in govt and private tenders. Companies represented

Smith & Nephew Galaxy Medicare BSN Medical
Kimberly Clark Dynamic Techno Medicals Bella India

Manufacture of Medical Footwear under the brand name SUPAD. Footwear recommended for Diabetic , Orthopedic and other foot conditions. Gaining recognition from Doctors and para medical staff SUPAD is today a widely appreciated brand for providing relief to patients suffering from foot conditions. Important Customers

Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bangalore Manipal Hospital , Mangalore & Manipal Dr.Arun Bal, Mumbai
Baptist Hospital Bangalore Aster CMI , Bangalore M.S Ramiah Hospital , Bangalore

Suvastra India was set up for manufacture and export of mens shirts . Today is established itself as a premium shirt manufacturer and exporter to Japan.

Important Customers

Japan Netherlands UK
Flex japan
Apt japan
Paul smith - joix
Giordano- verweij fashions POLICE

Company Stats

Rs. 300 Lakh

Annual Turnover



2 lakh medical

footwear a year

4 lakh premium

shirts a year

Head Office
  • No.68, Poornapura Main Road, Gokula, Bangalore - 560054
Contact Person
  • Rajendran.S , Director , Ph: 9448050066 ,
  • Amarnath Shetty , Director ,
    Ph: 9448224804