Size Chart foot length in cms
Women Men
4 22.5
5 23.5 23.5
6 24.1 24.1
7 25.1 24.8
8 25.9 25.7
9 26.7 26.7
10 27.6 27.3
11 28.3
12 29.3

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About Supad

Supad comes from the Sanksrit word Su meaning Good and Pada' meaning feet. We are in the business of ensuring your feet are always taken care of. Supad is a manufacturer of high quality footwear and offers services to take the best care of your feet through our foot clinics.

Our journey to offer state of art foot care solutions in the Indian market began in 2009. Since then Supad Footwear has benefited more than five lakh customers by offering state of art care for persons with diabetic and orthopaedic foot disorders.

Supad's footcare specialists provide high quality micro cellular polymer based footwear and perfect customisation to give your feet the support and added cushioning they need, to stay healthy.

Supad also offers customised footwear. A few medical conditions that can benefit from custom made footwear include : People with Diabetic foot, Corns, Calcaneal Spurs, Heel Cracks, Heel Pain, Metatarsal Pain, Arch Pain, Obesity, Low Back Pain, Flat Feet, Pregnancy and height difference .

Our customised offerings include footwear with the following provisions : medial arch for flat feet , cushioned heel for heel pain, scooped insoles or offloading footwear for foot ulcers , crow shoes and ankle shoes for specific foot disorders, outsole modifications for differential height, soft packed insole for corns and many more variants.

Our marvelous feet has evolved for flexibility and strength , today we need footwear to protect our feet from cold, injury, disease, and pounding on hard surfaces.


1. Podia scan to check the pressure points of the foot.
2. Complete foot care and cleaning.
3. Walk Correction.
4. Footwear assessment
5. NCV for neuropathy sensory perception
6. Diabetic wound dressing
7. Counseling on diet and foot care.
8. Customised footwear and foot care products.

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Dr.Sunil V.Kari.M.S.[GEN.SURGERY]
Diabetic Foot Surgeon
Sou.Mandakini Memorial Hospital
'Diabetic Limb salvage Clinic'
+919845363923, +919902676797

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Dr.Rajnish Saxena
Consultant Diabetologist & Foot Care Specialist
Saxena Diabetes & Foot Care Centre
(Certified Diabetes Specialty Centre, Endocrine Society ,USA)
Bhajan Ganj, Dhan Nadi Road, Ajmer (Raj.)
Krishana Hospital & Saxena Diabetes Centre
a-338, HBU Nagar (Main) , Ajmer (Raj.)
Ph: 0145-266500, 2661500, +91-9829113522

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searching for footwear for my father who has a foot with wound that is not healing. he is diabetic. Do you have any foot wear products for this.


about arch support custom shoes for arch correction in child 4 years


I want customized height corrective shoes.

Hrishikesh kulkarni

Interested in orthopedic flat feet shoe/Sandal size 10.

Ranjiit Chakraborty

Good shoes. My mother has been using since last 6 months and she feels very comfortable.

Basumitra Das

The shoe pair is comfortable

Lokendra Singh Rathore

The shoe pair is comfortable

Lokendra Singh Rathore

Good shoes within a comfortable budget.


Nice and comfortable footwear. I got timely delivery also.

Sukalyan Das

Nice shoes. I got quick delivery also.

Sukalyan Das